Sunday, March 8, 2009

Johnny Adimando

Johnny Adimando
MFA Printmaking

Immediation (Wonder Cabinet 2135)

Yearning for the imaginatively objected desires of foreign shores, anxiously penning love letters, and unveiling the world through the unfolding of maps have gone the way of the dinosaurs. This brand of romance requires time.

Alas, every great mystery opens at the touch of our fingertips.

Unraveling at increasingly high-speeds before our eyes through a network of invisible channels.

Could this beacon of highly-defined light be the demise of true sensation?

The social networking forums of the world wide web have written a new flaw into the program of love; making a new and powerful currency of digitized self-advertisement, emoticons, and text-based flirtation. Creating a space where gender is not only blurred, but completely obliterated by technological mediation. Where individuals are processed and transformed into information and symbols in a dialect that changes daily in search of the most efficient storage solution. Rendering the modern “relationship” as impersonal and fast-paced as modern warfare and making available to us a power of collection once reserved for royal explorers.

This project is an exploration to this end.

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