Sunday, March 8, 2009

Simonette Quamina

Simonette Quamina
MFA Printmaking

Door Knocker
Fly Girl

I’ve always been the inquisitive kid in class, who asked a million questions and was constantly told that I “ate an entire parrot along with its beak”. Despite holding the title as class talker I grew up in a society where it was somewhat inappropriate to convey one’s opinion and certain issues just weren’t talked about. My work uses personal experiences as an outlet and response to the cultural stereotypes and social stigmas that I have dealt with while growing up and continue to do so daily as a young woman of color. As an individual who has gained privy to the various cultures and sections of the world first hand, I have benefited as an artist through experiences and engagements with the people that I have encountered over the years. I have taken these experiences along with the influences of my culture and used them within my art to convey a story.

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